Community Engagement

We take a proactive approach to social investment in the regions we operate and are committed to building lasting and trusting relationships with local communities.

At our Kanyika Niobium Project in Malawi, for more than six years Globe has carried out a formal community consultation process, whereby meetings are held every six months with local chiefs and representatives. These meetings serve to both inform the community of the Company’s activities and intentions, and also obtain feedback from the community. Government representatives are always present, including delegates from the Office of the Minister of Mines, as well as the District Commissioner.

Where possible, Globe has a policy of employing nationals on its projects that are from the local community.


More than 200 guests and officials attended the Kanyika Community Meeting. 21 Feb 2012
Chief Inkosi ya Makosi Mbelwa addresses the community at Kanyika Community Meeting. 21 Feb 2012
Les Middleditch, Project Manager of Kanyika chats with representative from the Malawi Dept of Mines. 21 Feb 2012
Community Meeting at Dzenje Village, nearby Mount Muambe. 2010
Globe's African General Manager, Dries Kruger congratulates Chief Mabulabo Jere at his inauguration. 2011
Community briefing at Kanyika Niobium Project. Jun 2008